domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

Christmas holidays brought me a lot of things. Things that I love, such as notes of English culture, or a whole German book to be studied. Now being serious, Christmas brought me a travel to Valencia; a coat to keep myself warm while I study in my flat (my flat is goddamn cold in winter and so freaking hot in summer); a mug of Game of Thrones that I love with a book that I was hoping to read soon, Inferno, by Dan Brown; a pair of Vans from my boyfriend that are super comfortable... 

Apart from the material stuff, Christmas brought me the tears of my grandfather missing my grandma during new year's eve; a visit to the cardiologist with mom; my mother stop smoking... Christmas brought me support and love; warm nights hugging my boyfriend; a hanky to dry my grandfather's tears, and nights begging to see my grandfather, at least, during a year more and hoping for more years with him. 

I guess Christmas is just another good excuse to be with your family, to love them even more if you can, and to pray for not miss them in a long time, because that would mean that you've got them there with you, saying that you have to study or to tidy your room. Being as tiring as always, and loving how tiring they are. 

Happy new year to everyone who's reading this, keep loving your family as if you were going to miss them tomorrow, don't focus on material things, because things break and you can fix them or buy them again, but what really hurts is being broken because of losing someone and not being able to spend more time with them.

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