miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

The Turbulence

I thought it was something that was just happening to me, but I guess I'm not that special. I'll explain that: I get really creative and emotional when I'm depressed or in a bad moment, so did Van Gogh. 
Van Gogh was a real genius that painted one of the hardest concepts in sciences: the Turbulence. 
He painted the Starry Night in one of his worst moments, when he wasn't himself, and made his problems art. It only happens with the Starry Night, and some more canvas that he painted when he cut his ear. We can see the Turbulence explained in this video: 

It is so brilliant how our brain takes us to the limits of the Earth, and as the sentence says, 
"The Earth without art is eh..."

domingo, 9 de noviembre de 2014

Dear friend,
It’s been a long time since we don’t talk. I’ve been missing you a lot, you know? We used to be stick together, but now…
How’s everything going? I heard you’re dating someone… I guess it’s the reason we don’t talk that often. You don’t need me anymore. I used to be your muse, do you remember it? I’m sure you do… Since you left I’m reaching for you. Every day. Every month. Every year. I almost get you this past September 16th, I beg it was tough for you, but you didn’t call me, I saw you from the distance, I got closer when you started crying. You thought you were alone in your room, but I was there.
I hope you consider to meet me again, even if you don’t miss me, I’ll be there helping you to write in your deepest sadness.

Sincerely yours, your muse, your deepest pains,
Your passed depression.

Yes… I know it’s been a long time since you came around. Everything it’s awesome, as you may know.
Yes, I’m dating someone. And yes, he’s one of the reasons you’re not here and you’re not going to come back. 
I’m sorry for you, I’m sorry for being that rude, but talking to you again makes me wanna throw up.
I’m not alone anymore. 
You say that I was crying, but you might have leave before my mother came into my room to cry with me. To support me. To love me. I guess you didn’t see it, or maybe you didn’t want to see it, huh?
I’m sure I will meet you every 16th of every month, but won’t last forever.
The aim of writing this was only for me to saying it to you.
I don’t need you to write.
I don’t need you to be there.
I was never yours.

Fuck you and never come back,

Juan Antonio. 

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014

Comparing, contrasting and describing.

I learnt a few months ago to not compare with my sister, but today I have to do it in order that I didn't write here for a long time (I'm sorry, but I'm not inspired). 

The main difference between us is the gender, of course, she's a girl, although I have more boobs than her (sorry honey, but it's true, I've been eating a lot since you went to Turkey hahahaha). We may seem equal, as my boyfriend told me yesterday "the only difference is that your sister plucks her eyebrows!" But he's wrong... Most of you already barely know my personality, well, my sister is just the opposite: I have no shame. None at all. My sister does. She REALLY does. And of course here comes the topic that "girls are smarter than boys", that's not true, but in this case... I sadly say yes, it's true. Maybe she is smarter than me or I'm just too lazy to be as smart as she is. 

We used to fight a lot when we were kids, and we usually do it now that both are grown ups... I remember be kicking her door and screaming to my mother that she was hitting me and having fights with her more realistic than SmackDown Wrestling. 

By the way, what I meant with this is just write, even though it sucks because I have 0 inspiration, it was going to be in honor of my old and only sister (I'm not going to say her name because there's a lot of vicious people in class and they're going to look for her in Facebook ¬¬). Hahahaha. 

Here I adjunct some pictures of us, so you can compare and write who's the most beautiful (of course me).