miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

The Turbulence

I thought it was something that was just happening to me, but I guess I'm not that special. I'll explain that: I get really creative and emotional when I'm depressed or in a bad moment, so did Van Gogh. 
Van Gogh was a real genius that painted one of the hardest concepts in sciences: the Turbulence. 
He painted the Starry Night in one of his worst moments, when he wasn't himself, and made his problems art. It only happens with the Starry Night, and some more canvas that he painted when he cut his ear. We can see the Turbulence explained in this video: 

It is so brilliant how our brain takes us to the limits of the Earth, and as the sentence says, 
"The Earth without art is eh..."

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  1. I love Van Gogh. Yesterday, I had the chance to see some of his paintings in Madrid. Now I would like to see your "works of art" too. Keep on posting!