domingo, 19 de octubre de 2014

Most of the time when I get stressed, I just lay in my bed with my earphones dreaming about who could I be if I wasn’t myself. Trying to fly away from problems. Rozalén helps me when I feel like that.
There’s a lot of people who don’t know who she is, I’m lucky to know who she is. Rozalén is one of my favourite singers, and I had the pleasure to kiss her and hug her twice, talk to her and smash the myth that famous people live all above us. When you talk to her… I don’t know, it’s just like when you hear her music, it touches your heart to see that she’s just like you.
One thing that makes her even more special is that she sings to everyone, even deaf people, taking her music to every corner of the humanity. 
I had the chance to listen her twice in live, and I'm bringing her to this blog today for you to listen her. I was meant to write about cute things in this blog, so here’s Rozalén and here’s her music.

This is 'Eye in the sky', a cover that she made of the band Alan Parsons Project, live in Romea's Theater (10/10/14)

And here I post some photos I took of her the same day in this concert:

 Here's when she started singing with no mic. I'm sure all of us could hear her from every place of the theater... It was awesome.

And avoiding my face, here I am with Jose and Rozalén. 

It was a magic night.

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  1. Hey¡ it was really nice to meet your beloved today. I hope he didnt get bored. We need to have a look at the stuff I explained in class before writing something cool. Anyway, a big hug for both of you, guys. See you soon.